About All Apps Directory

All Apps Directory is an HUB for application developers to publish their apps. Inside you will find reach functionally for creating and managing application pages.


Pages are added periodically into applications hub index and are open to web visitors unless you make it private or unpublished.

Pages include an "install button" with flexible settings for label, status, link, and optional dialog for with user entry, that directs users, either to your actual app or start the installation procedure.


The website is part of Content Glass Cloud network of apps, and application pages are capable of integrating with other CG Cloud apps such CG Direct and CG Reviews.

In addition, premium users can get a spot on Content Glass Store where their app is present. This allow for apps to use CG Store as one-stop shop to presenting to users in order to sell subscriptions. 


Our conditions are very simple - Real apps! No spamming! 

We do not regulate the quality of the applications or its current development state as pre-condition for publishing apps.

Our only requirement is that application page refer to an actual app, of authentic developer, with valid support link and well defined service terms.


All Apps is also place for affiliates to act, but not in the ordinary way of flooding the network with promotional content. We therefore allow

each app to be included only once by its owner. If app owner mark the app as open for 'affiliate promotion' it will be possible for affiliates

for contribute reviews for the app that will be presented on a special and separated index of reviews. 


The service will be open very soon.